TV Series

See how we’ve transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary on Channel Seven’s “The Real Estate Program”, on which Sasha is a regular presenter.


With a reputation for creating truly stunning spaces, inside and out, Sasha deBretton is a highly sought after personality, appearing on dozens of renovation TV shows nationally and internationally.

Throughout the series, Sasha shows the benefits of working with one reputable company right from start to finish, revealing renovation and design tips along the way. Embark on a design journey to explore the particulars of various styles and how to achieve them in your home or business.

Sasha has graced the covers of many magazines, is the author of the book Make a Mint in a Meltdown, and features in many other property & design books. Her company, Million Dollar Makeovers, has revolutionised the building and renovation industry and Sasha is grabbing media attention for her innovative system.

We know you’ll be inspired by the care and thought put into each design choice, and amazed by the final result of a Million Dollar Makeover. Watch TV episodes and video clips for some of Million Dollar Makeovers’ remarkable renovation stories.