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11 May 2016

Tips on home renovations in Perth – adding more natural light

Hi Everyone and welcome to this week’s Blog,

With winter fast approaching, many of us think about spending time on home renovations in Perth, to spruce up our homes before next spring arrives. One of the biggest changes you can make to your home is to add more natural light.

Most of us can agree that we all love lots of natural light in our homes, as it lifts our mood and helps us to feel happy and at one with the world. So if your home suffers from a lack of natural light, what can you do?

So if you are ready for some home renovations in Perth this weekend, here are 5 tips that will help to bring in more light to your home, that are very affordable and can be easily completed in a day or two.

Remove trees: Many homes are shaded by trees and large bushes, which is fabulous in the heat of summer. The problem occurs when these shady trees and large shrubs block out all of the natural light as well. So think about lopping some of the offending trees, as well as removing any large shrubs that are blocking light. This is one of the most effective Perth home renovations you can do to let in more light.

Clean your windows: You will be amazed at how much more light can flood into your home when you clean the windows. This is something we all forget about and don’t realise how dirty they have become, until we clean them! So grab your window cleaning tools and let the light into your home this weekend.

Think skylights and glass doors: You will find that adding a skylight will pay for itself time and time again and it is something that you will never regret. Also, you might find that replacing the back door with a glass door, for example a French door, will also allow a considerable amount of light to flood into your home. This is one of the best Perth home renovations you can do if you are thinking of selling your home.

Paint: A fresh coat of white paint and other neutral tones will definitely brighten up the interior of your home. With a light coloured wall paint, the light that you already have entering your home can bounce around more, making your rooms appear larger and brighter. Paint is a very affordable solution to increasing the amount of light in your home.

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