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01 June 2016

The best renovations that add value to your home

Hi Everyone and welcome to this week’s Blog,

When it comes to renovations, we all want to spend as little money as possible and have the most fabulous renovations in return. The problem is that some renovations can be expensive, so if you are ready to spend up to $30,000 on your home, where will you receive the best return on your investment?

Renovate your roof: If your roof is old, dirty and in need of repairs, then this doesn’t bode well for your curb appeal. An old roof that clearly has seen better days will ring bells in a buyers mind, adding the cost of a roof renovation to the cost of the property. So one of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to renovate your roof.

Install timber flooring: If you have carpet in the living areas and even in the bedrooms, give some serious thought to ripping it all up and replacing with solid timber flooring. Buyers in your area may prefer carpet in the bedrooms, and if so, make sure that it is clean and not worn. However, polished timber flooring in the rest of the house is a high-end upgrade and one of the best renovations to increase the value of your home.

Renovate the bathroom: A clean, bright and modern bathroom that emanates a spa-like ambiance is definitely worth your investment. Full renovations, down to the tiles on the walls will most probably set you back most of your renovation budget, but if your bathroom is the one room that lets you down, it is also the one room that can make all the difference to the value of your home.

Update the kitchen: As we all know, bathrooms and kitchens help to add value to your home, so a well laid out kitchen with good lighting, stone benchtops and high-end appliances is a worthwhile investment. If you can add a walk-in pantry, a butler’s pantry and a casual dining area as well, your kitchen renovations will be a standout!

Adding bi-folds: Opening your home to the outside patio and garden is a great investment and bi-fold doors are just the ticket. A large expanse of timber framed bi-folds will look absolutely fabulous, letting in a lot of light and giving your home an open and modern feel.

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