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04 May 2016

Let’s take a look at the best kitchen splashbacks for stylish house renovations

Hi Everyone and welcome to this week’s Blog,

A year or so ago, the most popular material for a modern and stylish splashback in your kitchen was glass. Coloured glass, etched glass and glass of all sorts was in great demand for house renovations.

Now however, the tide has turned and people are moving away from glass and instead, embracing tiled splashbacks. The beauty of a splashback is that it is only a small area in your kitchen, so you can go all out and use a really expensive material and make a big design statement.

So if you want a modern and hip kitchen this year, here are 5 of the most popular tiled splashbacks for 2016.

Geometric shaped tiles: You can either use a geometric shaped tile or a normal square tile with a geometric shape embedded on the tile. Some of the most popular are plain hexagonal shaped tiles in a contrasting colour to your bench tops. Black or white hexagonal tiles are very popular in the kitchen, but stick to the classic sizes for these tiles, so your look is timeless and doesn’t date quickly.

Moroccan inspired tiles: With all of their bright colours and designs, these were very trendy a few years ago and are still popular with many house renovators. You can add an eclectic mix of these tiles to your splashbacks, intermingled with a base white tile or go all the way for a truly Moroccan feel to your kitchen.

Subway tiles: These have to be the most on trend splashback tiles on the planet right now. Lay them horizontally or diagonally, but subway tiles are the in-thing for modern homes. You can select the regular ceramic subway tiles, but for an extra touch of bling, track down marble subway tiles and you will have a classic, timeless kitchen to die for!

High gloss tiles: A super choice for minimalist kitchens that are designed around a neutral palette, because you can add a contrasting coloured high gloss tiled splashback for maximum punch. These are great for kitchens that don’t have a lot of natural light and they are easy to keep clean as well.

Mirrored tiles: Not something that you might associate with kitchen splashbacks, but mirrored tiles or large expanses of custom designed mirrored splashbacks are perfect for making a space look larger. So they are popular with small kitchens and those with low light levels, as the mirrors bounce the light around the room.

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