The Hamptons Interior design is a mix of old-world elegance and glamour.

A classic look that doesn’t date, it is timeless, homely and elegant with elements of French inspired design blending muted glamorous touches. Not glitzy and shiny, it has a rustic, slightly coastal feel mixing white shutters with elegant drapes, pin striped chairs with wicker baskets, book cases and old vases, floor rugs with woollen throws, log fires and storey books, fluted pots and urns with wrought iron benches, linens and muslin with stripped wallpapers, muted chandeliers with wrought iron pendants, scalloped kitchen kickboards with fluted cabinetry, marble tops and satin painted doors and fluted or crystal handles, white wooden panelled walls with feature wallpapers, claw foot baths with marble tiles, posies of flowers and kitchen blackboards, the whole Hamptons feel is one that evokes a sense of comfort in being home, cosiness, baking, lazy days, beach or lake side living.

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