Contemporary Couture


Our Contemporary Couture design concepts create inviting interiors with all the charm, fantasy and wonderment of a dream home for today’s lifestyle. We fill your living space with texture, unrivalled beauty and grace, building excitement and generating surprises.

With chrome, natural elements, superb accent colours and some sophisticated custom features, each room’s personality is allowed to come to the fore. Uber-streamlined and glossy, Contemporary Couture contrasts different materials to conceive variation and fascination, allowing your home to fulfil its true potential.

This stand-out style mixes colour schemes and designs that are sleek but not cold, enchanting yet remaining totally functional. Soft seductive shapes, inventive lighting, plush fabrics and accessories create wonderful feelings of calm and balance.

Flying the flag for luxury and élan, Contemporary Couture combines comfort with contemporary chic, designing powerful and artistic visual references that are reflections of your individual persona.

Be part of an exciting journey as our designers create more than a home but a personal paradise that will connect deeply with your soul.

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