“Sasha deBretton, Author of Make a ‘Mint in a Meltdown’ teaches people how to maximise their wealth through fast renovations to make millions.

Sasha has successfully renovated her way to millions and is now helping he clients achieve the same dreams as well as giving them stunning homes to enjoy along the way

Sasha is a professional speaker, Author and also features in 2 other property & design books.
She is co producer of her own TV series and is a multi award winner grabbing media attention for taking the ordinary and turning it ‘extraordinary’ in record time.

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Make a Mint

Sasha deBretton the ‘QUEEN OF RENOVATION’ Has written her very own book to help everyone ‘Make a Mint in a Melt down’ property market. 18 years of tried and tested techniques and millions of dollars made Out of renovation, this book unlocks secrets to maximise The return on your investment and unlock the pot of Gold that is sitting in your home or investment right now. Buy this book and increase your wealth today!

In Make a Mint in a Meltdown author Sasha deBretton reveals the secrets that have taken her to the CEO of her hugely successful renovations company Million Dollar Makeovers and how you can renovate for profit. Sasha explains everything concisely in a voice that is honest, upfront, warm, engaging and entertaining. She covers everything you need to know about how to make money from renovations, from finding that perfect property, how to take calculated risks, how to play your cards when making an offer, and everything to do with the finer details of property renovating for profit, from using light to create a richer feel to the best ways to makeover a bathroom. Sasha also talks about her own journey and how she rode her career and life ups and her downs. She talks candidly about how she built her property empire, going from a 21-year-old who renovated a two-bedroom unit to a millionaire by the age of 30 and the director of her own successful niche company. It’s an inspiring read that will have you inspired, motivated and raring to go on your own renovations. A must-read tome for those serious about making money from renovations, this enjoyable and insightful tome will become your renovating bible and Sasha your inspiration and mentor.

Michelle Chin – South Perth


Your Dream Sanctuary

Sasha deBretton & top designers give away, fantastic tips on interior design and how to create your Own Dream Home. Bestselling book.


Property Millionaire

Order your “Property Millionaire” Book  Featuring Sasha deBretton, Sasha features as a contributing author in the bestselling book  “Property Millionaire”.


Bundle pack

A bundle pack of Property Millionaire,Your Dream Sanctuary and Make a Mint in a Melt down.